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  • I am always thinking about sex oops

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    Stop rewarding boys for common sense/decency 2014

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    "I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting."
    (via 8kv)

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    chain smoking my life away rn:)

    He balances me out

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    sex is cool but have u ever had garlic bread

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    "Death may be the greatest of all human blessings."
    Socrates, Apology (via doom-or-die)

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    When a man’s jaw clenches so does my pussy wassup daddy

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we went upstate and my dog was being a butt and trying to swipe at fish in the lake and she fell in and when we dried her off she was still shivering so i put a sweater on her 

oh my god
    "You happened to me and my god am I glad that you did."
    but it still hurts now that you’re gone (via n4ughty-y)

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